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Summer trends worth trying in 2017

As the years go by, so do the trends for men. In recent years, we’ve seen that men too are not hesitant to experiment with their wardrobe. With the winter almost over, it’s time for our jackets and pullovers to find their way back into the closet. We won’t be able to enjoy those beanie caps any longer either as it’s time to face the sun again. Summer is coming soon, with longer humid days and it’s essential to keep cool – both with the looks we carry and the clothes we wear. So here are some summer trends worth trying in 2017.

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Mens fashion, mens style, smart casual

Collars and Cuffs guide for men

Cuffs and collars are always exciting, even more so for men. There is just a thin difference in looking good and looking great and a choice of these accessories bridges that gap. One may think that these are small details but the choice a man makes, regarding collars and cuffs, determines his entire look (and as we know, the devil is in the details).

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Dressing up for your profession – Uniforms | Siyaram

There are various definitions of a Uniform, but eventually they all converge into one: an authorised identifying set of clothes for the members of an organisation, such as soldiers, airforce or doctors. If your area of work requires you to wear a uniform, have you ever asked yourself why you need to wear a uniform? Uniforms have many qualities. Instilling discipline, promoting equality and a sense of belonging; these are the traits of a work uniform.

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Smart Casuals for men | Men’s fashion – Siyarams

Are you planning to upgrade your wardrobe anytime soon with smart casuals?

There’s a fine line between casuals and smart casuals. You need to dress smartly, and that won’t happen if you just throw on a pair of cufflinks or grab any shirt. To don a smart casual look, read further and find out about the must-haves in your wardrobe.

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Guide to suit up this winter | Siyaram

As good as all-weather suits are, sometimes you just need to breakaway from the monotony. Today, we aim to focus on suits for men that you should sport before the winter gets over. So get ready to raise the temperature as the temperature doesn’t need to get any lower.

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Fabrics and Colours of 2016 | Men’s fashion – Siyarams

The colour and fabric of a man’s suit plays a vital role in the durability of men’s formal, as well as, informal attire. This article highlights a few suit fabrics which one should keep in mind while purchasing them. Black is one of the most traditional colours when you opt for suits, however, one should try to be versatile and keep experimenting now and then.

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business casuals, Casual Wear for men, Mens fashion, mens style, smart casual, Suits for Men

Men’s Guide to Shirt & Necktie Combinations

It’s the start of a new year, 2016, prompting the start of a new wardrobe for a brand new style. Today, let’s go back to combination basics, like the necktie and shirt. It’s something so elementary, yet, many men get it entirely wrong. A tie is an absolute essential when it comes to formal wear in today’s workplace. Lots of men get confused when it comes to this basic synthesis. Many a fashion faux-pas is based on this simple combination. Here’s a guide on how to not make the same mistakes that can make you the fashion pariah.

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